Rugged Textiles

CP Cases manufactures a wide range of bags and covers for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), to provide a cost effective and practical solution for moving, deploying and protecting equipment and instrumentation. Products are widely used in the medical, defence, electronics and broadcast industries for a variety of applications. Whether protecting expensive broadcast equipment from rain showers at Wimbledon, to sales presentation packs for artificial knee joints, or operational bags for aircraft testing equipment; CP Cases can provide a solution

  • When you have a non-standard piece of equipment, or a unusual application, then we will make a case that fits your exact requirement.
  • Tough Cordura fabrics in incredible colours.
  • Strong fittings – fit for the job.
  • Padding for the elements – against dirt, rain and extremes of cold and heat.Shoulder carry or hand-grip – whatever is easiest for you.
  • Specialist foam design service available to provide tailored cushioning in high quality “closed cell” polyethylene foam.This product can be custom built to order, even for one-offs, to meet the most exacting design requirements.